Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yay New Converts

This week oh my was different. So we started off the week with killer retention with our recent converts and just working our butts off so we can have families that we are teaching and families we can take to church. But I just want to tell you a few experiences that I had this week.

1 I go into my room to change my clothes in the morning, close the door am in there for not even 5 min go to leave and I cant open the door! I thought the Hermanas I live with were playing a joke on me until they tried opening it and couldnt get it opened. I was like oh my how funny is this going to be with our numbers in the night time sorry elder we couldnt leave to work today becuase Hna. Evans couldnt come out of the room. For the next 15 minutes we had everyone trying to get me out, they were trying different keys, different ways of turning the handle just everything and no luck, I was sitting on my bed crying becuase I was laughing so hard, finally they just got a hammer and broke the handle off and I came out. So thats how my day started we came back in the afternoon to get something and they were like look we saved your life today, I was like ya thanks I know I couldnt leave the room. They were like no look by your door. By our front door was this big scorpin! I was like what the heck is going on? I told him thanks again for saving my life and we went to work but not contacting or teaching. Hna. Arredondo called me at 4 in the afternoon and said I neede dto find the presidents of the primary, relief society and the young women so that we could have a meeting at 6. We spend an hour looking around the whole area to find this lady so she could be there. Finally at 6 oclock we found her in the street and she said she was going to be there. It was a great meeting, she taught us how to work in these areas and things we need to do and how things need to run it really gave me a drive to work in one of those areas but it quickly wore off sunday when I was back in the primary. Anyways so we finish the meeting and we go back to our house and there is a huge tranchula right above my suit case. I was like what is going on here in this house today never have we had this kind of problems. we killed it and went to bed.

The next day the other hermanas had a baptism that they had us go set the church up and get everything ready so we are at the church at 4 and got everything ready and people are showing up and we are just waiting for them so they can get married and baptized. We get a call at 430 saying the lawyer is an hour away and we arent going to have this till like 6. We were like crap what are we going to do because there are people here and we cant just leave the church so we had an investigator there and we decided hey we are jut going to teach him so we went into a room with just 7 of us, a guy in our ward got a great idea that he was going to invite everyone to join who is there so he invites everyone we have like 12 people and it was fine we just taught lesson one about the restoration while we wer teaching more and more and more people started coming in. When we finished the lesson there was probably 25 people in our lesson it was pretty good because they were all reminded what this lesson was and everyone learned something new. Finally we got the wedding and baptism over with and we were taking our numbers at night. I looked down on my skirt and there was another huge brown tranchula on my skirt. I flicked it off and we were trying to kill it but it got away we dont know where but it got away. We cleaned our house today for pday to try to get rid of those nastey things. Anyways it was quiet an adventure we had this week.

Pepi is doing ok, he was a little ticked at the elders for telling him he had to get baptized this week and was not going to keep coming to church but we went and smoothed things over and everything is ok with him and he came to church this week. it was so cute there was like a old peoples club in the corner of church I wish I would of had my camera.

We have other families we are teaching and well please pray that they will have a desire to progress and to go to church. I feel there is alot of stress and pressure on me to baptize and to just be amazing because Im training but I know its in the lords time and when these people are ready. We met a really neat lady last week named Lilian.

We have been teaching her and put a goal with her to get baptized the first lesson. She never gave us a direct answer when we wanted her to get baptized and if she got an answer. We were teaching her the other day and I had the idea to have her pray. She prayed to know if this church was true and if she could know. It was the sweetest and most sincer prayer just simply asking to know. We taught about the 5 principles of the gospel and about baptism and I asked her after if she would get baptized or what she thought about baptism. She was quiet for a min and didnt answer then she said she didnt know I asked what she thought and she told me she knows this church is true, she knows its real and that she needs to get baptized she is just scared there are going to be alot of tests and trials that come from that. we taught her its part of life and that everything is going to be ok. She didnt come to church with us this week I think satan is working on her but we are going to be working harder.

We were leaving that lesson and I turned back around and we contacted her son and his wife that live int he same house. Linda is the wife and her dad is a memeber they are super sweet and just love learning they need a little extra help but things are going to be good for them. Im excited she loves the book of mormon and we gave her one the other day and she is reading I know she is going to know these things are true.

Another great experience we had we have been teaching jessica and her mother in law and sister in law but her husband never comes and joins us. We were teaching them on Wedensady and he came out and was present in the lesson. It was a tender mercy to me that Heavenly Father is hearing our paryers and preparing his people.Again another family you guys could please pray for.

I love this work and the miracles that take please in it. The answer to prayers and the strength we recieve from it. Its hard and I learn daily, my faith is tested but like the scripture after the trial of our faith we recieve the testimonies.

Ive been reading in Mosiah this week and learning so much, its amazing how when we are reading we find new things that we feel like they were never there before. I wish everyone could just read the book of mormon and have the desire to read. I love the first part of the book of mormon the introduction its amazing. We were teaching an investigator with it and I asked him to read where it says its the only true book and we will become closer to God by reading it. I asked him what he learned and he said its the only true book I asked why we should read it and he said to get closer to God. I asked if he was going to read it and he said yes I need to to know and to learn. I love how it simply says we can read it and pray to know its true and that we invite all the read it. it doesnt matter if you are a member or not all of us can read and know if these things are true. This gospel blows me away daily and Im so grateful and happy to have it in my life.

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