Friday, February 24, 2012

We Too Can Be Great Examples

the family that we baptized last week. They are so cute. They are great, the 14 is such an example to everyone. She is reading her scriptures out loud becuase her mom doesnt know how to read so she is reading so her mom can learn. Also she invtited her 17 old boyfriend who is of another faith to church with her this week. It was a little bit of a battle because her dad didn´t know she had a boyfriend. I told her it´s best if he knew and we helped her tell him. He said well lets go to church and see how things are, and sunday he was there in church. I didn´t get the chance to talk to him becuase I was running off to class but it was a great example to me of how we can be missionaries and when we know that something is true, that something that can bring happiness into our lives and can help other people when we are sharing it it can truely bless our lives and the lives of others.

We had to talk in church yesterday and I spoke on Testimonies and read out of true ot the faith. What is a testimony, how can we develope one, how do we know when we have one. I shared stories about little kids bearing their testimonies solo of what they hear. I love heavenly father and the profeta and my family en the name of Jesus Christ amen. I also told them that when we are sharing our testimonies with others we are strengthing our own. That even when people ask us some little thing when we answer we get a little bit more oil in our tank and we grow. I shared how before the mission I would pray for missionary experience, I got to thinking about it and really I didn´t have very many with people who I found on the street, or people I didn´t know. It was more with family and friends. I remember I had alot of chances to testify about the love of our savior, also about the book of mormon, about the atonement. There were so many text messages, conversations and moments that I got to testify and those were my missionary experience. Sometimes we think we need a huge long testimony about something but really it can be something small and simple but very powerful. I want you all to pray to have these experience and listen to the spirit to guide you so you can testify in the moment that you need to. I promise the Lord will help you and you will know what to say in the moment that you need it.

This week has been a little bit better for us, we are just working hard and trying to find new people to teach and also help our recent converts. Satan knows our plan and doesn´t want us to succeed at this. We want to have 100% retention this month and satan doesn´t want us to have that. Ugh our recent converts I have no idea what is going on. The strong ones that were always int he church are the ones who know don´t want to go. I know again and again I get to see that when we are obedient and when we are doing the little things in our lives we are blessed and our testimonies are strengthened. For example one hasn´t taken the sacrament for over 2 months and now she doesn´t want to go to church and is hiding from us in the mornings when we come around to get her. Another doesn´t read is scrptiures and we found him drunk off his chair saturday and sunday. Alot of others satan just goes to work when we think we can let things slide for just a little bit. Always keep your guard up. Satan does all he can to take us away from our blessings of the gospel.

This change has been very trying for me and I am growing alot. I am learning even more and I am being tested and tried in ways I never would of thought of. But I know I am becoming little by little the person that our Heavenly Father wants me to be. I know that he is there for me and that he is blessing me and helpoing me in every way possible. I am extremely grateful and happy for him and for the Love that he has for me.

This week also in church David I don´t know if I have told you guys about him. He is a less active who wants to know everything. He wants to know everything about everything and just is super confused about things so he quit going to church. We have met with him and his wife a few times teaching them and just trying to help him feel the spirit. We haven´t gone to his house for like a week because we have just been busy but when we were on our way to church today His daughter passed us and told us she has an announcement that her dad was going to come to church! I was like WHAT? I didn´t get the chance to talk to him because he left really fast but we are going to go by and talk with him I was so happy that he came. I gave him homework last time to start reading the book of mormon I think he has been doing that and has been feeling the spirit in his life again, I think that might of helped with him coming back. Or maybe the question he little boy had in our lesson if he was feeling the spirit and if the spirit was talking to him when we were talking. I love the little kids and I love the spirit and the Lord and how he works. He works in many marvouls ways.

I love this work and I love being a missionary. This church is true and the book of mormon will change your life when you read it I PROMISE you. If you don´t believe read it, read it this week and if you don´t feel anything different or if you don´t feel that your week went better or you recieved more blessings email me and tell me so that I can start telling everyone here in Nicaragua that I´m a liar.

I love you all. Have a great week and keep up the faith and the spirit with you.

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