Monday, December 5, 2011

First Week Back

Oh my heavens it feels so good to be back in the mission! Everything feels like it´s been this huge dream. I´ll first start with the wonderful redeye. I was so thankful that they got me back to the mission so quickly and how everything worked out so great, but I just have to tell you waiting in the airport and sitting on the plane and flying all night long was super rough. The planes were backed the first flight to Atlanta and then to Nicaragua was ok but I couldn´t sleep the first flight I tried sleeping a little in the airport in Atlanta but didnt´get much done and then on the way to Nicaragua kinda spred out on the seats again and slept a little bit but the attendent kept coming by and waking me up asking me things I didn´t care about so I didnt sleep much there. I got off in Nicaragua and just felt happier then ever, I was waiting for my bags and saw president waiting outside because you cant come inside you just wait for people behind the glass so I saw him and couldn´t take the smile off my face. I was like coming home to dad. We talked and everyone was super excited and president just said it was good to have me back and that everything is great. I don´t remember exactly what he said but the office took me to subway and told me there I was going back to my same area and going to be companions with Hna. Galdamez! I was comps with her before and I love her to pieces so I was stoked! So I´m here in Nagarote and loving it. we live with 4 other hnas.
Things well the first day was rough because I was super super tired and just didn´t believe it, I seriously feel like I was gone just a few days and now I´m back it´s amazing. I have a new part of the area that I don´t know so thats good. I am so happy to be back in the sun, I just sit in it every min I can and they all think I´m crazy but knew before home much I love the sun so it´s not that crazy to them. I couldn´t wait to give the Hermanas their clothes so I told them it´s christmas early and they loved their clothes! They were so happy and were like oh thank you so much, I am saving the soaps and candy for Christmas tho. It´s crazy living with 5 other girls the shower situation they do not know how to take brazilian showers here I am the fastest one and we just wait and wait all morning so we can shower but it´s all good.
Things that I have learned from being home and just being able to be back in the mission. I have no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and he is aware of us at every min of every hour. I think to myself sometimes that why does he answer so many of my prayers? Why am I so blessed? I am no perfect and I make mistakes all the time why is this and this happens to me? I know no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes, I know that the Atonement is real and that because of it we can be forgiven. I know we all pass through trials and tests for one reason or another and I am very grateful for them. The things we learn through them and the stonger we become. I have no idea why I got to come home and why I got to come back to my same mission and to my same area when people usually don´t go back to that but I know the Lord has his hand in it. I know that I am going to work my hardest so that I can know why I am recieving so much.
We taught a lesson the first night to a guy named Byron, he just blew me away, he was agreeing with us on everything and was telling us that he blieves the same thing, he was a golden investigator. We gave him the book of mormon and he said he was going to study and read it so he can learn more. He understood everything and why we do things, he was so interested and starved for the truth that we just taught him everything, the book of mormon, tithing, prophets, just whatever he brought up. It truely was a guided lesson but not because of us. Then we went and taught Martha her husband wasn´t home so we just kinda visited with her for a min then she asked about temples and we got to teach her about temples and how families can be together forever. Those 2 lessons that first night I just wanted to cry because I had been missing this for so long, I missed going and speaking with people, being in Nicaragua, having the spirit testifying. It was amazing!
I´ve been studying and trying to firuger out some goals and things to do and that I want to accomplish while I am here and it´s amazing how the Lord speaks to you and gives you answers while you ask and how you can recieve them in such a different way. My focus is different and I am ready to go and to work. We got to go to Leon and watch the devotional last night which was amazing! I was sad because I was going to be missing it but they told us Friday we were going, I watched it in English because I don´t like seeing the Prophet or Uchtdorf my favorite speaking in spanish it just throws me off, so I watched it in English and how cool is that new video and the talks. I have to say it doesn´t feel like christmas to me maybe because it´s 80 or more degrees I don´t know maybe when it´s closer I guess. The Holidays for me just don´t really exsist here in the MIssion sometimes.
For pday we went to Leon and we got to play ontop of the cathloic church it´s a national monument or something like that, it was pretty cool. We also played games as a zone and just hung out. It´s kinda like I am a movie star tho with my return everyone is super shocked and happy and so am I. I haven´t had much personal study time because planning and then sunday and everything but I have been studying about christlike attributes and why it´s so hard for me to get them, oh but no so while I was studying I had the thought, Satan is always trying to get it everyday all day long and I thought about it for a min and was like it´s so true, From the minute the alarm goes off in the morning we get to exercise our agency weither we want to obey or not or get up or not. Then he tries to get us while were getting ready you look so ugly, why do it like that no one will like that, you are do dumb why did you forget your make up.. Then when we are studying or at school or work, you are so dumb you don´t know anything, they all hate you why bother, why do it that way when so and so does it the other way. He is always trying to attack us and make us feel bad and think bad about ourselves, but when studying and praying and working and doing what we know is right and what we need to do we have happiness, we win the battle with satan and we are happy and free from his traps. I love knowing that and knowing this battle or game stan is trying to play with me I´m going to win and totally kick his trash. I want that all of you can try to beat satan this week to try to think how he is going to try to get you and have a plan on how you are going to beat him. It truely works this I promise. thank you all for your love and your support and for everything if it wasn´t for you guys things would be alot harder for me.

Love Hna. evans

Thursday, December 1, 2011

She's Baaaaaaaacccckk!!!!!

That's right, Hermana Evans is back in the Managua Nicaragua mission.

The day before Thanksgiving, she was able to get clearance from all of her doctors/ physical therapist. It was only a matter of a couple of days before she heard from church headquarters. Monday she received a call asking when she could go back out on her mission. She replied "tomorrow, today?" The church doesn't mess around. At 6:30pm she was set apart as a missionary again, and at 12:55am she boarded her flight on her way back.

It is truly a blessing that she was able to go back to Nicaragua. Often when missionaries are sent home with circumstances like Sabrina's, they will be sent state side to finish their mission. She loves the people of Nicaragua, her mission president, and everything that was going on down there. Thank you for all of your prayers offered in her behalf.