Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Elder Nelson

This week as you all know we were able to listen to Elder Nelson of the quorum of the 12. It was really a very neat and great experience that I was able to have. So far in my mission I have been able to personally meet Elder Ballard and elder Nelson. We got to have a lot of time in the morning to get ready which was a great part. My daughter as you can see in pictures before had a different sense of style and well I am my mothers daughter and we had a great day having a spa day in our house. Straighten hair, plucking eyebrows, doing makeup I LOVED IT. I was in my zone doing the hair and make up and everything.We got there and waited around forever because i´m sorry to say but the mission south is not very organized so we just were crazy then we got in sat down and waited. When Elder Nelson entered the room you could feel the spirit and everything just change about everyone. We got to shake his hand and his wifes hand and then we sat down. The first hymn we always sing in conferences like this is called to serve. At this time it was about 130 in the afternoon maybe a little later. I opened my mouth and started to sing called to serve in Spanish but didn´t make it very far into the song before my eyes started to tear up and the thought came into my head that Mat and I are both now singing this song together. I fought my way through called to serve telling myself i was not going to cry here! We finished and the conference was under way.

We got to listen to area president and his wife, first our mission president who I love so much, he spoke about the gospel and how it blesses lives and just bore a really strong testimony about it. Then the area president Felabella and his wife they as well just bore brief testimonies then we got to listen to sister Nelson and also the best part is that they don´t speak spanish so we got to listen to them in english which I love spanish but i love things in english as well. Anyways she asked us what we did in heaven so that we can be serving here in Nicaragua that she would love to see the video of what we were doing so that we can serve here but also so that we can remember who we are and what we agreeded to up there. I thought about it because it´s not only for me, what I did to be able to serve here but what we all did to be able to be born in the USA to be able to be born to this family, to be able to live free and with food with work we are so blessed because of the decisions that we make daily. So spoke to us about using the people from the other side of the veil in our teachings to talk about them and to ask about them so that their spirit can be present with us. They are a huge blessing and help to us in this work. It was a really good talk she is super sweet and nice very well spoken as well.

Elder Nelson is funny. He had us stand up for different things and there was a super short missionary standing up that he couldn´t see but the other missionaries were pointing out. He asked straight up are you standing up? Why are you so short? just things that I was like WHAT? but honestly it is just like a little kid honest and bold and straight forward I was dying laughing. But he spoke to us not like we were in a conference I felt like he was just talking to us like we are his friends. He spoke to us about the work and if we had just one sentence what would that sentence be to share with someone and he talked to us about just teaching and getting to know people and to really care about them. Then he was teaching us about how we can study more about Christ and he taught us about the life style of Christ and the scriptures from the Book of Mormon it was really a very uplifting and great conference I really enjoyed it.

Pepi is doing good, he didn´t come to church this week but we found him a friend because he is super lonely and they are going to go and visit him so that he can feel more love and happy. We have 6 families that we are teaching, I am just working and trying to follow the spirit and help these people really make changes in their lives. I love this work but it´s very frustrating. Anyways we have a family her name is Linda and his is Omar and they are super sweet her dad is a member she has a desire to learn and is readying the Book or Mormon and just loves when we read with her. another family is Luis and Luisa they as well are super kind they came to church with us yesterday and just have so many questions but just understand everything and are like ya that makes sense and just are very chill. Maricele is to complete a family and she has listened to missionaries before but her husband is less active we are trying to help activate him and baptize her their daughter is a member and is great but they just are struggling the others are starting to cook we just met them but things are going good. I love teaching when we have appointments the time goes by so fast but when we are just contacting it doesn´t. This week we have been running from every end of our area because the appointments we had but it´s great.

The other Hermanas had another baptism and I love them!! I love seeing the people come out of the water and while they are standing int he water nervous but super happy. This gospel really changes lives and bring happiness to our lives. I love it so much. I am so blessed and happy to be serving a mission and to be sharing this message with everyone here. Pray for these families please and pray that we will be able to find more so that we can be lead to who is ready.

Family please be careful with satans traps he is fighting to take away our salvation and our happiness. The things that only give us happiness for a day or a hour or a week don´t last. The things of the world aren´t things that we can take with us into the next life. Remember to be strong and to do the things you know your whole life. To read, to pray, to listen we are only trying to help you not make things harder their is always a way out remember who you are a daughter and a son of a king you are prince and princesses don´t settle for anything less then royalty.

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