Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things Do Come Around

After a bad week of just feeling really low things have started to bring them self around again. This week started out pretty well with our super hermanas pday and listening to marriage advice. I didn´t dare have the guts to tell president that I didn´t want to get married after his talk. He gave us for Christmas a book with all the pictures of missionaries so that when we get home we can look them up.. How funny is that our mission president is giving a dating catalogue.

Tuesday we woke up at the crack of dawn to take a bus 2 hours away for interviews with president. I honestly was ok with it becuase i love president and well the bus is fine we can sleep and relax and it´s fine. I was dyin this bus ride tho I was done being on the bus after the day before and then again tuesday. Anyways wel went in for our interviews and I was the first one of like 50 missionaries to go. I loved it tho I love my mission president and talking to him and getting his advice and his help. I told him how i felt, how I feel like I´m not having success and I just feel frustrated and he gave me great advice and comfort and helped me feel alot better about myself we takled a little more about life and about everything. I shared the experience about matt and I at the temple when we were younger and he enjoyed that. We then had other classes and just learned about using little children to our advantage while we are teaching and we are angels and how we need to be more like missionaries in the scriptures serving and helping and defending and with faith. It was a good lesson. We got home at 8 at night it was a super long day.

We are teaching a lesson active and his wife trying to help her come to church. He has alot of problems becuase he was another religion before and so is very confused with things and wants to know everything and we know that we can´t. We know we need to have faith and learn little by little we cant eat the whole cow at once. So we are trying to help him understand little by little. We were reading a chapter in the book of mormon and David thats his name is just kinda ok ya feeling the spirit because he hasn´t been reading the book of mormon for a while. SO I know he is feeling something. His little boy is just bugging him for money so he can buy a pop and buggin and buggin. Finally he asks me what the Holy Ghost is. the little boy. I was like umm.... How am I going to explain this to him. Then we were like 3 feet away I started to whisper he couldn´t hear me so I moved closer he still couldnt hear me so he moved closer till I whispered in his ear. I told him this is how the holy ghost speaks to us softly and to our minds and our hearts. He asked a few more questions then asked me if it was speaking to me right now. I told himto ask his sister who is a member and goes to church all the time. He didn´t he asked his dad. Dad is the spirit speaking to you right now? I just sat there with a huge smile on my face like ok answer him. I think the spirit taught all of us more then what we were teaching this day. How the spirit talks to us and how we can reconigize it. He didn´t answer his son he just said I will explain more to you later. the little boy is like 6 years olD. Anyways I asked him if he would say our prayer he told mehe didn´t know how to pray. I told him go ask your sister to help you pary. Again he didn´t he went to his dad and his dad helped him. I was like what a great expierence we got to have with this little boy. Hermana arredondo was right to have us get help from little kids and from heaven.

We had our baptism this week of Luis, Luisa and Ana! Honestly they are amazing we went to their house and I straightened her hair and did her make up for her wedding. We had 2 wedding and 6 baptisms becuase the other hermanas wanted to do it with us. It was packed but a great sight to see. My computer wont let me send you pictures so next week I will. Luis and Luisa have lived together for 22 years have drank coffee and liquir their whole lives her coffee him beer and never have been married. It was great to see them both so nervous to get married but so cute and happy. They invited a few friends who aren´t members to come and see and it was just great. They wanted he other family to get baptized first but then they did. Luis had a metting for work the next day and he was going to be late for sacratment metting I was like ok we can just confirm you a little later. I thought oh no we might have trouble with this but where is my faith? He came earlier then we thought and was so happy. He got the holy ghost and then went to class.

They saved us part of their cake because we were fasting so we went over last night so we can eat it with them and I asked what they were learning about. He pulled out a piece of paperhe had been taking notes on and was telling us everything. He told us he is going to buy a new white shirt so he can go to church with his shirt and tie and also glasses so he can read becuase the ones he has give his a headache and he wants to read so he can answer in class. He has been sober for over 3 weeks now and honestly its just a amazing story the lord knows who is prepared and who isn´t and when we listen our lives can be blessed as well. I love this family and am so happy for them they are going to go far in the church and thats what I wanted. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father to let me have this blessing after a hard time. I know that he hears our prayers and that he helps us out after we have done all we can.

I love this gospel and I love being able to a part in the lives of those whos lives are changing and to be able to see it. i love this work even thou it´s frustrating and hard it´s so worth it and I wouldn´t trade it for anything. I love you all ad hope you have a great week.

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