Sunday, October 30, 2011


A quick update, I have finally gotten out of the city since being in there for over 4 months, I have to admit i have never loved the city well to visit yes but it stresses me out thats for sure. Also I just like being laid back and free to roam and not worry about a huge bus or car or motorcycle killing me if Im not always watching my back. Also I do not miss walking in the roads when they are flooded with water knowing that each step I take into the water is nastey sewer water I am walking into.
Not all was bad about the city I learned alot about myself and about how to be a missionary and a person that my Heavenly Father wants me to be. Im not saying that I am perfect and I have everything figured out thats for sure but I have learned alot in just a little bit of time. Also the people I was able to met and to talk to while I was there have had and will forever have a huge impact on my life. At times I felt like I was doing nothing! No one wanted to talk with the Missionaries and no one wanted to go to church everyone just wanted to lie to us and just say they go to another church. My hopes and faith in people were fading quickly and also I had my had times with my three comps that I had in that time period. For those who are counting yes I have had a companion every change a new one honestly its pretty nice becaused sometimes I get sick of girls. I ask myself alot of times I gave up getting married or doing other things to come and live with a girl 24/7 I just dont get along with them very well. I have thought many times to ask my mission president if I could just be companions with the elders but I am pretty sure he would say no to that so I havent asked.
I will never forget Hna. Carlos Lopez we contacted him and I told him it was his lucky day he thought we were coming to give him money or something but no we just came to invite him to go to church. He told me he had to go to the dentist sunday so he couldnt come to church I thought he was lying and was like whatever! He went back and thaught him and he never missed a church activity since. He told us he needed to get baptized and was going to get baptized on his birthday the 12th of nov.. For a missionary that is like crap! he was going to wait 2 months to get baptized I was crushed because I knew I wasnt going to be there for it. For my birthday he called to wish me a happy birthday and told me he was going to get baptized that saturday. He showed up a hour early to his baptism and was just great he told me to take a picture of him sitting in a chair in his baptism clothes he can speak a little english so in his broken english he told me take my picture and he just sat there smiling. He reminds a little of my grandpa J they way he sits and looks. When he came up out of the water after his baptism and also coming down off the stand after the comfermation he gave us the peace sign. I love that old guy.
The family Jammey and Hna. rebekah I wont forget either they were so sweet and willing to do anything. My little boyfriend bradley who also spoke a little english told us he was strong. Whenever we would walk in he would tell us to ´sit down please´ it was so cute. Hna. Estella who turned to me my first sunday in the city and told me " I think I need to be baptized " I didnt know what to say because I didnt really speak spanish and didnt know if I understood her correctly. I asked if she was a member she said no thats why I need to get baptized. I quickly found a elder and he talked with her and that Wendesday she was batpized. The family medina who where the family who cooked for us they turned into my family and I just loved being with them and talking with them. We would play uno every sunday night for PREP PDAY!
I love the mission with all my heart and there is no whree else I would rather be. At times I think what am I going to do when I go home? I dont want to leave this place, the city was ugly but the people and the culture and everything I just love. The family Medina and also the elders I was with, I kept telling everyone I was born the wrong race and they soon quickly started telling me that as well.
I am no opening an area that was the South mission that we just got its called Nagarote I love it. It reminds me alot of my first area but its just a small in the middle of no where place that you just pass by to things you dont ever stop there for anything its like fillmore when you are on your way to St. George. The people here are so humble and sweet and willing to listen, still we are working on the not being liars part but whatever. I am living with 3 other hnas. and I just love it. I am with Hna. Galdamez again and I love her to pieces I also love my comp Hna. Menendez shes great and super sweet a hard worker they both are from El. Salvador I love the people from there I will for sure visit but things are just going great. I almost have a year in the mission and I love every minute of it. The hard times, the sad times, the funny times, the rain and rain and more rain.
So recently in Managua well about 2 months ago my back started giving my problems. Last summer I had a surger to remove fatty tumors that I had in my back they were removed and everything was fine. I came out on the mission with out a problem until now... I started with this pain in my back that I couldnt get rid of then I started feeling the same way that I did before I had my surger that my back would buckle and pain and just not good things. So went to the doctor and she told me to take 800mg of IB profein and we will be looking into what we can do. With this 800mg it wasnt helping me. I kept asking Galdamez for something else because she is a nurse and she said I couldnt take anything else and still work. I thought its fine I will just put my big girl pants on and go to work. I tried doing that and am still doing that. They have but me on bed rest for right now, I cant leave to go out and work, I cant do anything. Its horrible I hope I never have to be like this again I am going crazy. I read, cook, clean, write letters just do a bunch of things and when I look at the clock its still only 5 in the after noon I wait by the door till the other Hnas. come home just like a little kids its horrible. I am sorry for any of you who are on bed rest I know how you feel!
At times I just think why is this happening now? I have so much to do here, I love this area I love my comp I need to work I am here for a reason why is this happening now. I have had many moments where I have got different answers and different tests and strength. I know that things are going to be ok and that this is suppose to pass at this time in my mission. I know that there are things to learn and from this I will be a better person and I will learn and also feel better. Sometimes God calms the storms and sometimes God strengthens his children so they can make it through the stroms. I know that I am not alone that I have many prayers in my behave and I am very grateful for them. I am very grateful for my testimony of this gospel and for the strength it gives me daily.
As I encouage everyone always to start reading the book of mormon your life will change and you will be blessed because of it. I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me. The blesses we recieve when we are obedient and the blessings we can recivev if we just sacrifice just a little bit. I love my Savior and My Heavenly Father with all my heart and am so grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary and a instrument in the hands of Him. This gospel is so true I know with all my heart. I love you all
Hna. Evans