Monday, January 9, 2012

Santa came a little late

Things are going great in the mission, I was back with Hna. Galdmez who I just love to death. We were back in the area that I left and just everything was great. We knew that changes were coming up but we didnt know if we were going to have them or not. Honestly I was praying and praying that we wouldnt have changes so that we could be together more time. She is my first companion that I have been with for more then 1 change so it was pretty sweet. Usually I get sick of my comp after 5 weeks so having a new comp every change has been good. But having her was great, we are like gas and fire honestly we just feed off of each other and just go.
Anyways so changes are coming up and were trying to figure out who is going to be training, who is going where, what is going on. We think that we are pretty smart like we can figure out who and what and everything its a great game we play. Anyways so we figured out that Galdamez is going to be training because shes great and well is leaving in 2 changes so perfect to be with her daughter for those two changes. We were on a page for the mission last monday and we saw our names and T next to the both of them. We thought of SHOOT!!! we kinda got a little heads up. I tried getting it out of my friends from the office if we were going to train but they werent giving me anything.
So tuesday night we get the call that she has changes. I start stressing out big time because I am like um what am I going to do? I dont know this area super well, Im not a super great missionary, I cant do this.....
Wednesday at changes sure enough.. Santa came a little late this year and brought me my daughter. I am offically a mom. Great way to start off the new year right? I am stressed out of my mind with this responsibility. Her name is Hna. Queme from Guatemala. She is pretty cool, I think Im going to have a pretty good effect on her seeing how she is super quiet and well Im not so quiet its going to be great.
Im still in my same area still teaching and working and loving it. Pepi this old guy that I just love to death is doing well. He has came to church 2 times now with us and loves going. She loves learning and having us explain things to him. Will see what happens I hope he gets baptized soon. Also we had an amazing miracle take place this week in church. We have been working really hard to help our recent converts because President Arredondo said when we are taking care of them the Lord will bless us with more because obviously they are who we just baptized and if we arent helping and taking care of them they are going to fall away and well why would he bless us with more if the ones we have arent working. So we have been trying to do that and it paid off. We were sitting in church and in walked a recent convert after a recent convert. We had 10 out of our 17 recent converts in church today and 12 out of 17 for the month. I know it might not really matter to who ever is reading this but Im stoked!!! I cant believe it and what a great blessing and answer to prayers this was.
Time is passing by so fast and I cant seem to keep up with it. there is so much that I want and need to do but just dont have time. I get home in the nights and just crash at times I dont even want to brush my teeth or wash my face. I really hate that we have to do that sometimes tho. Anyways its crazy but I love the mission. Its hard work but its worth every hard time, every heart break, every baptism, every recent convert, and every contact. I love talking with these people and honestly dont know what Im going to do when I have to leave.
We are still living 4 hermanas in the house and its a party all the time. I love them and love the relationship we all have.
This gospel does bring happiness into our lives. I am so happy and at times I think its because I have a good comp, or because the people I live with, or because this or that but honestly yes those things have a part in it but no its because this gospel is bringing me this happiness. Its because I get to talk and share and study this daily so that I can learn and I can help others to learn. I love this gospel, I love the stories and the people who have been great examples for us. I love the scriptures and I swear every time we read them we learn more and more its like there are chapters that are new that are put in every time we read them. We can learn and grow just by being obedient and reading them. I know that pray is the communication with God that we have here on the earth and when we are speaking he is listening. I know he answers prayers and in His time. I am grateful for the chances the tests and trails so that I can grow and change and become the daughter of our Heavenly Father that he wants me to be.
remember to be happy this is what Heavenly Fathers us to be.