Friday, January 28, 2011

62 Weeks To Go, and Yes I'm Finally Getting Out of Jail!

Holy cow, I leave on Monday and I'm really going out into the field. I can't hardly wait, being in class everyday is literally killing me! I'm ready for a change and ready to go out and to teach. I can read in Spanish, and speak, and understand some Spanish, but I really love teaching to the needs of people. I know that the Lord really helps me when I teach and the love that I already have will be times by ten.

So, I was just thinking and um today is the last day for the next 16 months that i will be able to go through the temple because the closets one is here in Guatelmala, and its 15 hours away. I will be flying to my mission, not driving, although I wish I was driving I think it would be so much more fun.

Anyways, we got to go to the park again and contact people. I loved it this time, we rode there on a pimped out bus. They had like the Greyhound bus seats and then this base that was rockin' the bus every time their music would hit it, it was so funny. The buses are my favorite but again I keep thinking to myself how glad I am that I'm not driving here because I would just take everyone out. I also want our bus to get in a wreck some time just for fun for a cool story to tell but no one get hurt. Anyways, we got to the place to contact and I felt really good about talking with everyone and about things, because it is about what I teach every time I have to teach. I don't know if I have the wrong take on things or if I'm prideful or not, because I know I'm not ready. My Spanish is still very weak and I don't know everything about each lesson, but every time I have to teach or anything I just think ok bring it on. Like going to the field I'm like, bring it on! I still don't understand a lot of what people are saying to me but i can teach what I can say and I'll study more, and I'm bearing testimony, and I have a companion that can try and make sense of the things that I do say, and I know that the Lord will help me. I know I have faith and things will be great, but I also don't know if thats a good thing not to really be stressed about things.

Anyways, at the park we went up and started to contact people. I would teach them about a little bit in the pamphlet and then my companion would take over and I would bear testimony. I know I felt the spirit speaking with the people that we did, and I know that they felt if as well. I know that the Lord prepares His people to hear and receive the gospel. We saw a guy who looked sad we went up and started talking to him, I bore testimony that God loved him, and that Jesus Christ died for him, and then he started talking to my companion. He didn't know God loved him or Jesus Christ died. We gave him a pamphlet and he said he would meet with the missionaries. I felt just so happy we could help him in is day.

Another guy looked the same way and we talked to him about God's plan, and I bore testimony that God can help him with his problems. I saw him later and he smiled and waved to me. I love seeing everyone at the park reading the pamphlets that we give them, it's just such a great things to know that they are hearing the truth and they are feeling it.

I had to give a talk on Sunday. I spoke on working hard and in D&C 112:10 I believe it says that if we are humble the Lord will take us by the hand and help us. I spoke on missionary work, it is work, but if we are humble and if we work and study and try to find people for ourselves that the Lord will then take us by the hand and lead us to who is ready to receive the gospel. I love finding all these cool things out all the time.

Elder Ballard was amazing! I got to shake his hand and we sang for him. It was great, he spoke on missionary work and working hard. He said if were home sick, get over it, its a wonderful adventure that we have to preach the gospel. He spoke about understanding the things we are teaching and when we understand them and know them then we will be able to know what were teaching and be able to speak without worrying what to say next. He also spoke on applying what we learn daily to our lives. He spoke pretty much on learning and treasuring up the things that we learn and to study a lot. It was so cool to be able to have him here with us and to meet him, he is just a sweet and amazing man.

So a little on what is going on here. My slippers and shower shoes got borrowed and never returned so I had to get more shoes, it's ok, they needed more then me I guess. The birds here are nuts, you thought that the magpies were bad we have birds here and they sound like car alarms going off not even kidding, we all thoght they were until we saw one of them. I can't speak English or Spanish, because I mix them both up so much when I'm speaking. I got a new English class and they put me with 2 Hermana's this time, because I think cause of what happened last time. But, I still think there are so many elders that have crushes on me because they sit facing me at lunch or each meal everyday, and when I teach them in class. I've lost the extra weight I've put on so thats good. Things are going great and I've really loving things.

Thank you for your love and for your support, I know our family is being blessed for all the work that you are doing, and that I am doing this is an amazing work. It hasn't been super crazy, well last night we had a counselor to the area president come they forgot to tell us we needed a musical number for him for in ten minutes we whipped out a musical number and in 20 min we sang it for him. It's so cool how close we get to be so close to these people, and how we get to meet them. In Provo we would have to wait 2 hours before anything started to get seats but then never would get to meet people and we didn't have anyone cool, so it's not like we really wanted to meet them anyways.

Temple contacting was way cool, I was able to teach about how ours is the only true church by holding up my hand and explaining that these all my fingers were church, but what church is the church touching God which was my book and was on top of my fingers. It was my middle finger because its the only one touching God and the only one that has the fullness and truth all the rest have parts of the truth, but we have all the truth, we talked about other things and it was great.

I know that the Lord does have his hand in all things and that he really does love me and He knows how my life is going to be. Oh, this just makes me want to be better and better everyday. Yes days I mess up and I'm not better, but if I keep working out if in a couple weeks when I'm home I'll be better. Don't stress, I'm doing fine, I do like Hermana Decoursey, and things are well and fine between the both of us. It's hard being around girls all the time, but I know it's a good thing. I love you all and thank you for everything!

Hermana Evans

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


(Can you see me? I'm the second in on the left on the bottom row)

Wow, a lot to say and not a lot of time. We get to leave every few days to go to church and go to another one of our classes where we get to go practice teaching. I love it it is so nice outside. There aren't flowers everywhere but we do get to see a lot and they are so pretty. I wish I was taking the class with you here is just draw pictures for everyone and they love it. Today we got to go to the city and go to the market and I loved it, it was like Mexico all over again. There were pigs feet just sitting out and tons of handmade things, pots, flowers, fruit, jewelry, and everything it was so much fun I loved it.

I got called to be the coordinating sister me and Hermana Decoursey and oh heavens, I get to be in charge of everyone and try to be the person who talks with all the Latina its going to be great fun. My Spanish is really coming along well. It;s amazing I can teach and carry on some conversations with people. I can understand a lot more then I can say, and I know it's the Lord helping me because I just hear what they say then say oh they said this. I was teaching one of my teachers and caught him off guard because I said "he said........" and he was like "what you understood me...?" It was really fun and I feel really good when I do that.

We took the color code test last week and we got the results I am full blown yellow. Yes, I knew that but seriously its crazy how bad I am. Hermana Decoursey(my companion) is full blown red and I do have to bite my tongue a lot because she is a lot about herself and being in charge although she says that she is blue. I don't believe it because I know reds can't find fault in themselves.. just a little fun fact.

The weather is great what we get to buy at the store down stairs are scripture covers or just bags or little things we need like soap or anything. We sung in sacrament this week As Sisters In Zion and Army of Helamen with the elders, it was so much fun. I am doing really well!

I love reading the Book of Mormon and I know it will really bless each of your lives. I know that it's hard to read but by reading daily, the Lord will bless you and your life, and you will see the world differently. You will feel of Gods love and the love of our Savior your testimony will grow and the things in life you need help with or are struggling with you will be help specifically in the area.

We get to teach a lot each week and its really fun its fun to see how much I learn each week. I heard a talk once and they said we need to be thankful for the little bit of flower we get in our pots. I know what questions we have if we ponder them in our minds and heart first then take them to the Lord he will answers then be thankful for what you have and don't focus on what you don't have. It's crazy, I only email you 3 more times then I'm out in the field teaching. Our Lanita left yesterday and it's nice there are only 11 of us here right now just my district. We were suppose to get more nothe today but i guess you are having super bad weather and they couldn't fly out so some might come in tonight if not then tomorrow and Saturday I get to be over 38 new sisters lucky me huh..

My teachers are very funny and very kind. They always laugh at me because I guess I make this really weird face when I don't understand Spanish, they laughed at me in Provo and here they always ask "understand Hermana Evans?" then laugh. I'm told the face looks like I'm looking at you but no lights are on upstairs. It's so crazy how much you learn in your time here in the CCM and how much there still is to learn about the gospel its so true and I can not deny it one bit. Heavenly Father all he wants to do is for us to be happy and to bless us. He has prepared a way as it say in 1 Nephi for us to accomplish the things which he wants us to do.

Today I just bought a lot of jewelery at the market because I can't pack any more things in my bags because I have to sit in them and lay on them to close them. Nothing super fun or exciting happened this week oh wait yes on the 21 we have Elder Ballard coming to speak to us I might have already told you or told you the wrong person but yes he is coming and I will get to meet him. I'm really excited!

I leave on the 31 for my mission. I'm sorry for your sucky weather. I'm reading outside in the warm sun trying to everyday it's in the 80's and I love it so much! Hermana Decoursey says it's hot all the freaking time so she sits in the shade, and i sit in the sun. Don't worry, I really don't hate her, we just don't see eye to eye all the time, but its ok, I do like her. I think we all have kinda snapped because we laugh at anything and everything like full on cry laughing and my abs hurt so bad after.

The food is way too good and they give us way too much. me gusta mucho thou. yo se que esta iglesia es verdad dios nos ama. jesucristo es me redentor e me salvador. yo se que nosotros bendecemos mucho proque im doing the right thing. thank you for your support oh my english students yes they were in love with me. All the men here are in love with me seriously. I didn't know that till they told me they were in love I thought it was with a Hermana I saw them talking to, nope they told my Elders they loved me then he told me. It's great. They tell me not to smile at them or be myself because it happens and they fall for me.. Lucky me huh...