Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm A Trainer

I am now training and new missionary. Her name is Hermana Queme and she is from Guatemala. Honestly I feel I don't know, very stressed out, very not ready for this and a lot that I need to change. I'm happy for this chance I have because I need there are things I need to change to make me a better person and this is going to be one for those things.

She is very very quiet. She is a white personality and well I don't know if I mesh well with them but its going to be good. There will be almost like another Hermana. Evans running around here in Nicaragua. We will be together here for 2 changes so its going to be great.

The work is going good, this week really we focused a lot on our recent converts we went around teaching and visiting them kinda like I had planned on doing before but just didn't get around to. But so we visited them and then Sunday came around. Always on Saturday a lot of people are like ya we are going to come to church with you, ya this, ya that ya come by for us and then they bail. We were able to take a less active to church today who is a mom of our recent convert. She is really sick and hasn't been able to go to church for a few months now, but we got her to come with us and she enjoyed it.

We were sitting in the church and in walks Pepi who I just love. He loves going to church and leaning. But he came in then another investigator came in, and then one after another after another of our recent converts came walking in. I was like wow what a blessing that we have. We had 10 out of our 17 recent converts in church yesterday.

... So we had to give a talk and prepare a class for the same day. I spoke on Obedience and

the blessings that we recieve from being obedient and just scriptures about obedience. Like the ones in D&C the lord is bond when we do what He says. and I love one in 105:6 where the Lord tells us that His people need to learn obedience and he does help us to learn it when we are given tests and trials. also I really like the scripture in 1 Nephi 2:3 where it explains what is obedience. I read out of the true to the faith and just talked how Jesus was perfectly Obedient with the Atonement and how we need to be obedient so that we can receive blessings and we can be happy. We are given these rules to make us free and to help us so that we can become better people and show our love for Heavenly Father.

I love this quote from Presdient Arredondo- "When we are obedient we receive blessings, but when we are obedient with exactness we receive miracles." It's so true when we are doing everything in our power we receive miracles but when we think, oh it doesn't matter oh no I don't need to obey this tiny little thing it doesn't work and we don't get the blessings and miracles we could of had.

I am learning a lot about the Book of Mormon. I swear each time we read it there are new chapters of verses that are just put in there for us. I am now in Mosiah and am reading and study about baptism, before about our next life. I love it, I had the idea while I was studying that I was going to teach the primary the plan of salvation. I drew circles and everything and labeled. It was going well until the little boys in the class decided they didn't want to listen anymore and
well I had had enough and kicked them out of class. They went to the priesthood with the adults. I asked them after class how it was, and they said they hated it. I asked how are you going to be next week? They said good. Will see how it goes, maybe another week in the other class and then they might behave. Its so hard because they don't have any respect for anyone and they don't listen but they are going to learn. With me and another sister we are going to teach and train these people to be a lot better

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