Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1 Week.

One week from today I will going into the MTC in Provo. I am a little sad to leave but honestly after the snow storm yesterday and a little today all I keep thinking is seven more days then I don't have to drive in this two years!! That is one of the happiest thoughts in my head right now that soon enough I will be out of this cold weather and into the heat. Bring it on.

Again I just have to say it's not very easy being a girl and trying to pack. I have to many outfits and to many things that I want to pack and take because I don't have a Walmart or something to just run to in the middle of the night or at anytime if I have forgotten anything. I did get my police letter sent off again saying I have no criminal record thank heavens. But at least they will let me in Nicaragua with that. It's ok tho because I don't plan on coming home with all my stuff that I take down so at least I have enough to share with everyone :D

Life has been good lately and things have been good. I have seen things more clearly thanks to a friend and have realized that I can do hard things and even tho I'm sad or it's hard to handle or think that life could be different there is always a light at the end of the tunnle and when you make it there the warmth and sunshine is great! There are times in life were your heart literally hurts and it's proven that people DO really die of a broken heart, but anyways at times where you literally have pain and you don't know how to make it stop and to go away. Just remember there is a light and to go towards it.

I can't wait to teach the people of Nicaragua and to be taught by them. I spoke on Christlike Attributes on Sunday and will again on this Sunday but in my head I picture the people of Managua with all of these attributes and how they will teach me truely how to be Christlike. I haven't mastered them or any of the other things that I have learned but little by little I can see myself becoming a better person and my life being happier. No I might not be the most popular and spending time with my family isn't always by choice but I still am happier.

7 days and counting it's crazy and I'll try my best to keep up on this while I'm out there and hopefully my family will maybe post letters but I'll do my best.

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