Monday, June 20, 2011

Whenever we have storms in our lives we just have to hold on for just a little bit and the light will come and the storm will pass. I dont really like change in my life I have decided and I have a little bit of a problem with it. But this week I have learned after much prayer I learned that I was in matagalpa for a reason to baptize or teach someone and now my time there is done, its time to move on and close the door behind me. Not forget the people there but forget about there and focus on being here, I am here for a reason and comps with my comp for a reason right now its my time to now go and find out what that reason is. Managua is fine its a little more boring then the Moutains because we could just go play in the mtn for pday here we have Mcdonalds which is horrible ya Im not going there any more. But I dont know we have only had 2 weeks here so we will keep looking for fun things to do. I have so many clothes I broke our little cheap closet that we had for us because we just live with a cute little old lady that is our recent convert but anyways i broke it after I finished hanging up all my clothes we had a great laugh because I had just stepped away from hanging up the last thing and it started breaking little by little and falling little by little till everything broke. We have had 2 families baptized last week and got the Holy Ghost this week. One family was a miracle because we got to their house Sunday morning and I knew that satan was going to work hard on this family because theyhad to wait a whole week until they got the holy ghost anyways the lady was ready but the guy was not going to go. We talked wtih him the elderst talked with him ya nodda. So we left, I had a feeling that it was going to be ok while we were driving away but I didnt know what it meant just felt ok about it. He is a good guy and knows this stuff is true and he is a softy and is close to his feelings I think so I knew he was goin to feel bad after we left. We were sitting in sacrament and after we confirmed her and another lady we baptized to complete a family and then took the sacrament he came walking him.. We were all so happy he got the Holy Ghost and was just happy and everything was great. The Lord blesses people and loves families. This work is amazing. Right now we are looking for families to teach because all the families my comp had progressing have fallen and we are starting from scratch. I do know and can testify thou that when we forget ourselves and go to work we are blessed and I am starting to figure out why I am here on the mission and finding a love for everything. Last night I stayed up because during the sacrament I thought of with the help of the spirit and Heavenly Father a way that we can better our retention here and also find people to teach and plan better and alot of things so last night I was color coding things and writting and planning and figuring things out. I love the mission and love working and finding and teaching, its true what the prophets say and what everyone says that to forget yourself and go to work, and to work, work, work it makes you feel alot better and makes the day fly by. I love it thou I love going to teach and contacting people and getting to know people. The work is amazing and it really blesses and changes lives. I read a quote this week well alot of things this week that I like. This one is from Fulton J. Sheen Choose your goals, work towards them. Direct your thought, control your emotions get into action and you ordain your destiny. I like this one alot for me because its hard sometimes on the mission because I am tired or hungry or just not having a great day and I have to be happy and its hard but this reminds me to be happy and I can do anything to forget myself and work. Also I really like a talk says come to know the savior no on is perfect but the commandment to become perfect is to encourage us to achieve the best fo ourselves to discover and develop the talents and attributes with which we are blessed.. God will not require more than the best we can give neither can he accept less than that. I really like that alot we have to work hard and give it our all because thats what the Lord wants us to do. I love the talk from last conference about the current bush because thats me right now I was complaing about my change and i read that and was like oh ya you are the gardener here you know what you want.. Its true I am learning to be a Indidan not a chief. I really like this one with thoughtless and impatient hands, we tangle up the plans the lord hath wrought and when we cry in pain he saith be quiet man while I untie the knot.. The Lord is so patient with us and blesses and loves us so much I stand all amazed alot of time at this work and our lives and the blessings that we have. I do have a food lady again here she isnt as good as my other one she gives us the same things for dinner every night which is fine because I like the food but still a little bit of different things would be great right? anyways yes I have her she always has a washing machine so she washes our clothes which is so nice I love it. We walk alot but also take the bus sometimes and the bus is crazy there are so many people on the bus. But I have gotten use to it, I have also just been super happy I dont ever have to drive here. The city is crazy there are alot of weirdo and drunks which are everywhere but I had one scream at my today bad words in enlish and tell me to watch my mouth.. I dont know its really weird that people here when they are drunk can speak english. Anyways yesterday the elders dared me to put a baptism date with a drunk so I did becasue they thought it was funny and he asked for my name and told me he had a computer we could chat I said sorry I am a missionary I dont have a computer he said give me your number I will call you I said sorry I dont have one of those either he then asked if I wanted him to give me one so we could talk... I was like oh my heavens have a great day and then went and thanked the elders that were laughing their heads off just a little ways away.. Oh elders are great.

So the pictures are we were walking down the street today and I found this store with my name I screamed shut up and told my comp she had to take a picture of me how fun is that? Also that is my closet that I broke with all my clothesAnd my dirty clothes and clean clothe how I look when I take them to the lady to wash them.. I think I like it I could easly back 4 kids around with me one on my back, on in the front and one in each hand.. I told my food lady that and my comp and they just laughed but I was serious I could do that.. I know I have told you I love their broken english it makes me laugh so hard we plan games in reunins when they have to say things in english and i just laugh and laugh.. Also my comp the other day we were walking past a fence that had a dog and she just said talk to my hand and held out her hand infront of the dog it was so funny..

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