Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sorry It's Been Nearly 3 Months!

The work is amazing here I love it and I am loving everything including the food which I use to hate but now I love with all my heart. I love eating beans and rice and thought my brother was crazy when all he wanted to eat was beans ad rice after his mission and thats what I crave everyday.
The families are amazing we baptized this family on the end of the world 21 of May somehow we are all still here it must of not been the end of the world. Anyways we contacted them I had a feeling while we were sitting in distric meeting that we needed to contact down a little path we had never gone down before so after we went and I was like what in the world nothing is coming from this maybe I was wrong and started second quessing myself about the thought I had. Just when I was sinking into the water yelling Lord please save me and when I wanted to give up and didnt have any more faith we contacted this family. he was amazing the first day we talked to him and went back and taught him a little more then he came to church and was baptized the next saturday. He goes to church with his wife and daughter who was baptized every week well for the last 2 weeks and he got the priesthood Sunday. He is just so cute and amazing. He corrected the Elder during the baptism prayer because the elder messed up and he corrected him how great is that? I finially feel like this baptism is mine that I helped teach and get them ready and also was able to talk with them. I have had other baptisms on the mission that I have helped with but they didnt feel like they were mine because I didnt say much, this and the little girl Kathern who was baptized in April I feel like are mine. She is a miracle story she is 12 and wasnt baptized her whole family are memebers and they have had missionaries work with her forever she has gone to church forever and everything but never wanted to be baptized. I worked with her with Hna. Willford and also Hna. Tunche.
One day Tunche and I were walking to the bus to go to our area that is along was away. We had to be back shortly because the other hnas needed our help with a baptized that was in a hour. I told her we didnt have time and I had the thought to call and invite or go and invite Kathern to this baptism. She wasnt super happy with me and this idea but we went. While we were there I also had the thought that we needed her dad to help us talk to her about baptism and why she needed to be baptized. Her dad was sleeping in another room and I was like oh well will just talk and things will go however. So we were talking and when we were about done he came out, he told us that she needed to be baptized and lets do it tomorrow. I was like what? ok lets do it... He said wait and took her in another room and talked to her and came back and said ya tomorrow she wants to get baptized. She was so happy with this decision I have never seen her like that just smiliing and happy and it was great. She was baptized the next day and I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers I know it wasnt me who had those thoughts or its not because of me she was baptized but I know that Heavenly Father speaks to us and if we listen we are blessed.
I have a new comp Hermana Galdamez from El. Salvador and we are having a blast here working on saving some souls and husseling guys in the streets for hammicks. I bought one for 100 cords when the guy wanted 150 I only told him I had 100 ya it was a little bit of a lie but well thats what you do in the streets they trying ripping me off and I rip them off. We have successfully done that 2 times now and I enjoy my hammick everyday and night it is the most relaxing thing in the world.
Spanish is coming along not super fast but not super slow. At times I feel like I can speak and there are times that Im like oh heavens how long do I have on the mission? But I know that in lessons when I do speak I know that the Lord is helping me so much and I amaze myself. Words do truely come like it says in the scriptures and I remember and say things that I dont ever remember learning. I know that this work is so true and the Lord really wants his children to hear it.
We dont have water sometimes in the mornings or during the day so one morning we woke up and no water, we have 4 hermanas living in the house and we all needed to shower, we waited and watied and studied and waited still no water. So we called the Elders who lived down the street from us, after a few phone calls and getting promission the elders left their house and we went and showered in their nasty shower and nasty smelling room. It was so funny because we were going to write a letter to guy and we started the letter there, just like in the movies we got busy and finished getting ready and left. The elders called us about 10 min after we gotr home and asked us who this person was.. We all just busted up laughing and couldnt belive that that really happened. We all deny knowing who it is or anything about it.
I am still In Matagalpa and am coming up on 6 months this week and I cant belive how fast time has gone by. I love the mission and this area. I have 3 changes here and think I am going to have more time, who knows maybe Ill be like my mom and only have 2 areas in my whole mission. I love it i still call it my never land and it makes me happy. I am going to buy boots right now and I cant wait! I will for sure send pictures of them but its the rainy season right now and well my shoes are falling off in the mud and flooting down rivers also I am getting eaten alive by misquitoes I dont know why the other hermanas dont have any bug bites but I have alot they just like my blood I guess. My comp says its because I eat so much sugar from the pulparas and its true thats why I am getting fat on the mission but I love the stuff and when in Nicaragua do what the Nicaragans do right? Just eat...I sleep with a misquito net over my bed and I love it it makes me bed look like I am a princess or something because it covers the whole thing.
I want to challenge everyone reading this blog again to read the book of mormon and pray to try and better your life and listen to the spirit more. If you are struggling with things in your life pray to your Father in Heaven for strength I testify he answers and hears you and wants to bless you. I testify that as you do what he asks he will bless you more then what you are struggling with is worth. I know that the Atonement is realy. I was reading today in Alma 37 I love the book of Alma I use to not like it because it was so long but I love the teachings in it and love studying it. I really like verse 40 When it talks about the Liahona working to their faith that Heavenly Father works according to our faith. I also love verse 46 Where is says to not be Slothful. It is so easy when life is going good to foget to go to church, or read or pray for one or two days then a week then who knows how long, it is when we are really falling and struggling is when we are like oh man and see where we stopped reading and praying and where we started being slothful. I hope that now we can see where we are being slothful at and we can improve so that we can always live worthy to have the spirit with us and help us in our lives. We can not make it alone in this world.
Thank you for all your support and your love and for reading my blog you all are amazing. keep being happy and loving your life
Love Hermana Evans

Pictures to come in the next couple of days... :)

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