Tuesday, March 8, 2011


People have said so many times that you change on your mission... I was like
duh you change you are living somewhere else, your doing different things
daily, you are becoming a different person. I have been out one month today
March 1st its a really easy day to remember because its the first, but
anyways I have been out and I have already learned so much and have changed
my thought process alot. How I view my life and life is alot different. Its
really hard remembering all the time the things I need to work on to better
myself well because Im not perfect and dont have a very good memory but I
know the things that I have to work on and by working on them daily I can
see my life changing and I am so excited!
I have felt so left behind because I havent finished anything in my
life I have just kinda been floating down the river of life not really
letting life pass through me. I think in the Mtc maybe the CCM someone told
us to let the mission pass through us not us pass through the mission. I
have also thought about that in life. How many times do we just go through
the motions in life getting one day out of the way. Thats not a very fun
life style to live I have learned. Since the CCM I have made it a goal to
make everyday the best day ever! So everyday is the best day ever, also I
have started living still working on it though but have started living like
it was my last day to live. Living with no regrets and its great. In my
mission prep class we were always told every week to serve our missions with
no regrets and so thats what Im doing. Im not going to lie I do have some
regrets already but again Im not perfect so I am trying to better myself.
Im stressing about Hermana Willford leaving me soon and Im going to
have to be the one talking with our families and taking my companion around
and doing alot of things and thats pretty freaky because Im fine just
sitting back and letting others take charge Im just along for the ride. But
now I have to put my big girl pants on and take the lead, will see how that
goes. With having her as my first companion I have thought alot about how I
want my mission to be and how I want to be when Im going home and things
that I want to do when I am out here.
Im going crazy here with all the shops, everything is so cheap and cute I
have to really be smart with my money here or else I wont be able to buy any
food. Well lets me honest I am kinda a not a tight wode but I am being very
careful with my money here because once its gone its gone and I cant get any
more. I cant really use my personal money on the things I want to buy
because I never know when I have to pay for people to get married or my bus
rides to Managua so its kinda sucky seeing everything and wanting it but not
being able to get it. Its funny all of us here well the missionaries we look
at things and calculate them in our heads like thats 4 dollars what Im not
spending 4 dollars on that... But really its alot cheaper then in the states
we are funny.
I love when we are able to go to sleep at 1030 well before 1030 i usually
am in bed by that time but when its before that time and everything is done
I love it so much I am so happy. And when we get to sleep until 630! thats
something that doesnt really happen often but when it does it makes my day.
Our days usually go like this... Monday we have Pday well we think we do for
most the pday I have been in Managua and we woke up at the crack of dawn to
get on the bus but we have pday and I cant really tell you how it goes
because they have all been so different. Then monday night we go have family
home evening with someone then go home. Tuesday we wake up at 630 sometimes
and we go to our distric meeting forever. There we talk about families and
how to be better and blah blah. This week I was told MOnday night at like 9
I was teaching the next day and teaching on Patience... Great topic for me.
I went home and studied and tried preparing my lesson. I think that it went
well I just talked about how we need to be patient and how Christ was
patient when he asked peter 3 times if he loved him then go and feed his
sheep. I love that chapter. But after the meeting we usually go eat then out
to teach and visit all day. We have alot of things and errands to do so I
feel like alot of the time were running around like chickens with our heads
cut off. Wednesday is a normal day that I love. We wake up at 630 get time
to study in the morning then we are out the door to go to lunch, then we
just teach the rest of the afternoon or contact and then that night we have
a thing at the church its like young men or womens but for the whole ward
every wednesday night. Thursday we have planning and zone meeting which is a
very long thing as well both take up our whole mornings then we eat and run
around like chickens with our heads cut off finding families to baptize and
helping other missionaries witht heir families. Friday is pretty much the
same we wake up early and were out the door helping people with their
families and getting our families ready for Saturday. Saturday we just spend
all day well most the day in the church with wedding and baptisms. I hope
you never complain about a wedding or meeting or anything starting late..
Here everything is at least a hour late starting but we have to be tere on
time just in case by a miracle things start on time. Sunday we wake up at 5
and are out the door going to round up and talk our families into coming to
church with us. They have more excuses then I have ever heard in my life.
Sundays are always super long days because we get up early we run around and
around sit in 2 sacraments. I really cant wait till I can take a sunday
nap.. All that are blog stalking me please take a sunday nap for me every
week. Also I cant wait to eat potatoes and gravy and roast. I have been
craving a baked potatoe like no other lately. Thats kinda a brief review of
the week. It really is never the same and planning is really hard because we
never know whats going to come up or happen. I think we are the runners of
the zone when something needs to be done or someone needs something they
call us and we do it. So we run alot of errands but its fun and the Lord
really helps us out with our families I think one because they are willing
and we are willing to teach them but also because we are helping others out
and serving them and our families.
We met with this really nice guy Tuesday night, I hope that he changes
his life and that he really wants to hear what we have to say not just
because we are girls.. His mom said if he went to church on Sunday she would
go, if they all go then Im pretty sure we will be baptizing 3 people well
that family next week so thats pretty exciting. We waited for a bus for over
a hour to take up to another area of ours. We got on the crowed bus I do
love them just sometimes I really dont want sweaty people all up on me. But
we rode the bus and got to the area which is about 15 min away and Hna.
Willford was like were not getting off. This is the last bus and we wouldnt
be able to get back home tonight so we just rode on the bus back it was a
nice little trip and I got to see the area. We have to cross this little
river int he bus I will try to take a picture or video or something and have
Mindy post it but I love it here. The hills we hike up everyday still arent
getting any easier and I dont really think they are ever going to but hey
its one way to get rid of thunder thighs right?
People watching here is proabaly the funnest thing ever! I wish I could
read minds sometimes because I want to know what in the world they people
are thinking in their heads when they are doing things or well not doing
things. Things here are alot different then the states for one they just
throw their garbage on the ground, they dont care if you are walking on the
sidewalk they body check you or bump you off the sidewide with their purse
or hip or tummy... ITs funny but sometimes is like what? they just cut
infront of each other in line, talk over each other, ride 4 people to a bike
or like 5 people on a motorcycle. Being here really makes me want a
motorcycle real bad after the mish so will see what happens there too, they
just look so fun and easy to travel around in and everything. I know Utah
isnt the best place to have one but just maybe one for the summer.
I really really want mexican food right now like chips and salsa and a
burrito and well lets be honest I would kill for some batos right now not
even going to lie! ALso maybe some homemade cookies and a delicious
Sandwhich would really make me super dooper happy. My list isnt very long of
things I want just those little things. Oh and big fluffy slippers, maybe a
pillow, and thats pretty much all I want right now. Not to bad right? I saw
a lady with some slippers the other day and was like what the those look
really nice right now. For my pillow I just use my extra towel and it works
just great. Im really blessed and loved by the Lord. I use to not be able to
really sleep many places besides my house and sometimes during movies or
band pratice or here or there but I was blessed that I would be able to
sleep and well every night I am out cold. I love it.
I love my mission so far and Im loving learning and growing daily.
Sometimes I dont like my eyes being opened to this world but other
times I like it alot because Im growing and learning new things. Love
you all and thanks for the support
Hermana Evans

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