Monday, July 18, 2011

You Are LOVED!!

Holy cow I know you guys are probably sick of hearing how fast the week goes by for me but really I just feel like at the end of the change the time flies by. Its close to changes this week tomorrow we will know if my companion or I have changes. I don't know I think we are together another change but we will see what the Big guy has in store for us. Anyways, there is only 1 new Hermana coming this change so I think she will be sleeping at our house and we will take care of her for her first day and a half like the hna. did for me my first day.

I have to just tell you guys this story because it impacted me a lot this week on how the spirit testifies of the truth and when following the spirit we are blessed and people really do change. So Saturday night we went to find a family that the others had talked to for us, We went to their house and the lady was like no we have our church her name is Cicila she came out and we started contacted her and talking her about how the elders talked to her husband and said we could come teach them and she was not having it one bit. She was like no we have our church, we go to our church no you cant come back no no no just negative but kinda in a nice way, anyways I just started asking her questions about God and how we can show our love for him and if she thought he answers prayers and hears our prayers and then just started teaching about little things that we believe just random things whatever came to my head i taught her and testified of things. After about 10 min from when we first met her she was softer and she told us to pass and to come into her house. We walked in and started teaching her about the plan of salvation by the end of the lesson she told her daughter they invited to go to church with them tomorrow and the daughter was like ya lets go come get us in the morning ya we are going with you guys. The lady Cicial was like I know I have my church but you guys explained things and this and that and she just liked what we taught her. I know its because the spirit testified to her and things were brought back to her remembrance and she felt it was true. I wish I could tell you that we went to their house they came to church and are getting baptized this week but that would be a lie. But we are going to keep teaching her and will see where it goes. Lesson here whenever you are prompted by the spirit just say something or do it and you or someone else will be blessed for it.

We also found a really cool lady named Hazel she has 5 kids which here is really odd because it's hard having a lot of kids and it's a lot of money and just birthing kids here is a little different. Anyways she is super positive and nice. Anyways we taught her lesson one about the restoration and she couldn't come to church with us this week because there the only really good schools are the Catholic schools, and if you go to those schools you have to go to church on Sunday and just do different things. I don't understand that stuff really anyways her sons had something for their school that they had to do so they couldn't come this week I hope next week they can come with us.

We live with a little old lady who is just super cute I need to take a picture of her one time, anyways its raining pretty much everyday here and she stresses about our umbrellas then she tells just everyday to wake out for the man holes because people fall in man holes and it's dangerous I get a good laugh out of it everyday. What I don't laugh about is that we are walking in poop every time it starts raining because the sewers flood and our comes the poop so our shoes smell really really bad, our house stinks really bad its just great. My companion and I are working on her English and she knows "I hate poop in my shoes", also "eww yep this is poop." I know what a great teacher I am right? No really I am teaching her little by little its just hard when people don't want to listen or practice. The mission is a great teacher and a great humbler!

I am really sad I missed out on Clinton days. I haven't missed that for how many years now? But really I have been thinking a lot lately on how we are prepared little by little in our lives for the next step in our lives. I think about when I was little at Clinton days they had a truck with a cage and mattresses in the back and they drove around the softball field and we just bounced everywhere and it was just madness, that prepared me to take the buses her in Nicaragua! I think about how my love from cafe rio and rice and weight watchers eating black beans and sour cream prepared me for the mission to eat rice and beans everyday! Ok seriously thou just the Lord really does prepare us to receive little things in our lives or big things so that we can handle them and we are ready to learn from them. I am so grateful that I have the chance to be here and to learn of these things and to be prepared for the next step.

It's hard work working with other peoples recent converts because they have a relationship with the other missionaries and we have to come in and try to win them over. Right now I don't know how great of job I am doing with them because well this old guy who got baptized who knows not that long ago hes smoking and drinking, so every time I pass by we have a great time smashing cigarettes on the ground I think like off Saturdays Warriors when the missionaries step on them. I don't know but we do that and hopefully one day he will learn the word of wisdom. But I can't really say much because I have my first baptism that is getting robbed in the street because hes drunk. I just love Nicaragua and I LOVE SATAN NOT! But we all have to go through our own difficult times and our own testing periods and have to come to the Savior. Really I have heard the expression you can lead a horse to water but you cant make then drink. Its so true in missionary work well in all our life we can teach people and help them but we cant do it for them.

But really it all comes down to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon if you know the book is true, you know Joseph Smith with a prophet if you know he was a prophet you know we have a prophet today if you know we have a prophet today you know that he speaks with God and receive revelation for us. It is the key the keystone to our religion that is why I tell everyone of you to read this book. It blesses our lives more then your mind can understand. You will not understand all the words you will not understand everything but when you start with obedience you are blessed then you start to have a desire then you start to understand. Please listen to me and try this for your selves, I testify that it's true and that you will be so blessed.
Yo se que esta libro es verdado, esta libro es la clavy por nuestras felizidad. El Señor quiere nos ayuda quando hacemos la cosas que el tiene por nostros y la cosas que el mandar por nostros. Yo se que Jesucritso es mi slavdor y redentor, por que el muedo para mi yo puedo ser limpio de mi pecados y vive con mi padre oltra vez estoy muy feliz por esta conocimento que yo tango sobre esta. Yo se familias puede ser eternal y quando viviemons bueno vidas y trabajo juntos por la mismo pruposity podemos tene exito. Requirdo siempre que Dios Nos ama es no impòrta que hacemos aqui el es siempre esta por nosotros.
I love you all and hope that all is going well that you all are working together on your relationship with each other and that you are working on finding good friends. Keep in mind that you are loved and that everything is great.
I love you all and see you in a few weeks freaks
Hna. evans

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