Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rainy Season

It's been raining like crazy here. so I have gotten to use my boots again which I just love running around in my rain boots because I can splash in puddles and it doesn't even do anything. My comp is like ya sure keep rubbing it in because she just has her shoes and they get soaking wet so fast. I am now starting a new trend here with the Hnas running around in boots and loving every min of it.

The things that you learn on a mission are amazing! I always thought about things before the mission like visiting teaching and being a teaching and helping the missionaries are like blah! Because I was so sick of the missionaries always coming to our house asking mom about so and so or asking if we knew anyone else they could teach I was like just go out and find them yourself. But really being on a mission and seeing how helpful it is to have members to work with and also for members to work with families its great. This is my challenge for you guys is to have a family home evening with a family that is not a member of the church or friends. I have also been thinking a lot about all of us being missionaries and how we are afraid to talk to our neighbors or friends about the church because we think they don't want to hear about it. This week try to find someone that you can talk about the church with or just share your testimony about somethings with them. I promise you will feel the spirit and you will feel so happy about what you just did. But remember everything good in life Satan tries to trick us and make us feel dumb about what we had just done. Don't feel dumb or bothered by what you just did because what you did was right.

We are just contacting people which is just going from house to house and inviting people to church and also asking if we can come back and teach them more about our church. It still amazes me how much people are willing to listen even thou they go to a different church. They are like ya come talk to us, but also oh my heavens there are so many liars here in Nicaragua and they are good at it. We think we are getting their real names and addresses but when we go to find them nope it was a lie. I am getting a little sick of it so I call people out and tell them straight up we don't want to waste our time if you don't want to do this or that we cant teach you anymore. I had to do that with a family Carmen and Domingo this week. The other missionaries had been teaching them so a while and they kept saying they would do things and do things and I tried having faith in them but its been 3 weeks with me now and I told them on Sunday if you don't come to church we cant come by and teach you anymore, I'm sorry we are friends but we are here to invite people to come unto Christ and be baptized.. They didn't show up to church so we aren't showing up at their house.

Another great thing, we have a family of recent converts who live in this house with a cross dresser, my comp and I went over to invite them to an activity and the cross dresser was like can i come? My comp was like yes you can everyone is invited thinking that well she or he wouldn't come.. about a hour later it shows up at the church and we both look at each other like oh crap what in the world are we going to do? The name is Jackelyn and well it came to church this Sunday and is going to come to another activity this week. I don't know what to do we aren't teaching my comp just keeps inviting her. Honestly I hope that we see a change and that the gospel changes its life but I know its wrong and against our religion so I don't know what to do.

My Spanish well yesterday a guy in a lesson and my comp well my comp asked what was up with my Spanish I couldn't speak, and a guy in a lesson told me he couldn't understand me but understood my comp, under my breath I said I hope you can understand her she has been speaking it all of her life. I was really bothered because 4 times he told me that and Sundays are just really hard days because we wake up earlier and Satan goes to work all day long.

The bus we take not as much but they are crazy drivers but honestly I trust them and the taxi drivers more then I trust the APs that we have here so thats saying a lot right? It was so funny tires just fly off the cars here they don't have very good mechanics so when they are turning the corner sometimes they just go rolling down the street I saw it 2 times this week and its makes me laugh.

Today I got to play basketball with the elders and they call my the x factor because they think that girls cant play sports but well they found out that I could very quickly after I stuffed an elder then got a few steals and other things, yes playing with my brothers did pay off. Thank you all. Anyways it was fun then we got to watch toy story 3, thats my second time seeing it in Spanish and well tis funny but a lot funnier in English. I don't feel as bad not understand it because people who have a lot of time on the mission don't understand either. Its hard, anyways

We got to help elders with their baptism and wedding with week which is fun. This family her name is Elizabeth she is amazing I told the elder she was my rc because I love her she has been wanting to get baptized for a while just waiting for the divorce of her partner now husband to go through and now it did and they are married and baptized she was so excited and happy.

I love this work and I know its so true. I love you all keep reading the Book of Mormon and keep being a better you everyday

Love hna. evans

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