Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Words From Sabrina...

Hello everyone who is following me. Thank you so much for reading my adventures of being in never-land running around with the lost boys. I am loving every minute of it! It's so much it's so cute how the houses are just hiding in little trees and how just everything is here. It is a little different but not much, I didn't have much of a culture shock being here. One thing that is different is not flushing the toilet paper and putting in the trash next to the garbage that is if they have a bathroom. If we are not close to our house well good luck trying to find one.

The food is amazing and thats a scary thought, no one will recognize me because I will be rolling off the plane because of the weight that I put on I might quit sending pictures home soon and if there aren't pictures that are updated, well that's because my chipmunck cheeks are huge and I can't show anyone.

The work is going really well and the Lord really does bless and love His missionaries. Just when we think we have hit a brick wall or we can't go anymore, if we just give everything we have even if it's just a little bit, the Lord blesses us greatly. I love seeing the Lords hand in my life and the hymn how great thou art has a new meaning for me now. I look at the sky and how beautiful it is here and I look at just things around me and I start sing, I see the stars I hear the rolling thunder and think of all the universe thy hand has made. That's not exactly how is goes but to just think about He made this all is blows my mind and it's just so beautiful.

People are very open and expecting of the gospel and they just will change in a heart beat. You taught a family on Sunday about the word of wisdom because coffee is a huge thing there they have farms all over and thats where people work and thats what they drink. We taught them they cant drink it anymore and we went back to visit them today and they just stright up quit drinking it. They haven't drank it since. It's crazy how willing and loving the people are. But it's also hard at the same time when they are so loving and they know that it is true but they just wont do anything about it or keep their word.

Oh, my Spanish it was really hard because in the CCM in Guatemala they taught us our Spanish and the grammar in Spanish and they don't really know why they say things a certain way or the grammar rules so I didn't understand anything at all. So learning everything all over again is hard but its crazy how like the scriptures say, don't think about what to say before hand just speak and your mouth will be filled with words. I have really truly seen that already and I don't know very much Spanish, but I know that the Lord will bless me and I will be able to teach what He wants me to teach in the language He wants me to teach in.

Heavenly Father is so loving and He wants to bless us so much its crazy. My famous line that I know in Spanish is Dios nos ama much el es nostros padre clestial el quiere nostros eser feliz en esta vida.

I love the bus rides so much! We have to take the bus just about everyday and I thought that Guatemala buses were bad, here I swear we pack in over 30 people in a tiny maybe 15 passenger van its so funny you just push and push and push and everyone fits you can't breath but its really fun.

I also really like contacting the bus and just telling them about us and inviting them to church. I know I can't speak spanish very well so I just say what I want to say and then look at my companion like ok make sense of what I just said to them. i love it its really fun. Teaching is amazing. It's crazy how im here teaching people how to change their lives and teaching them about things that bless me life daily and I really didn't think to much about. We have a really special gift being in this gospel and knowing the things that we do. I was really scared coming out because I didn't know anything but primary based answers. I didn't know the scriputers very well although I loved them and read them every night. I didn't know alot about alot of things. being here I still don't know a lot about those things but my testimony has been strengthened and I know that Heavenly Father is my father in heaven. That Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Redeem and that through Him I can live with my Father in Heaven again. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and because of his faithfullness and because of his obedence we have this gospel here on the earth again. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that my reading it every day even thou we dont know what is says it will bless ours lives more then we know. I read my Spanish Book of Mormon everyday I have no clue half the time what it is saying, but I still know that it is true. They are words of prophets and of God. I'm so thankful for a prophet to lead and guide us today and I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have of this.

I love my trainer Hermana Willford it's crazy we live only just minutes away from each other but we have never met. I am very sad she is going home in March, then I will proably have a latina good luck to me with that.

If you would like you can write me through the church pouch or just through the mail I would love to hear whats going on with your lives. I will try to write a little bit here and there and keep you updated. Thanks for blog stalking me, if I was home I would proabaly be doing the same thing.. See you all in just a couple of weeks

Hermana Evans

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