Monday, February 7, 2011

I've Made It To Nicaragua!


It was quite the trip! We landed in Costa Rica and no one was there to pick us up. One of the Elders went to call the mission president, and ended up coming back with the people to pick us up. We spent the first couple of nights with some of the hermana's here, and the big dinner we were promised at our mission presidents house ended up being McDonalds.

I am so happy and absolutely LOVE my trainer Sister Wilford, she is from Layton, and is the same person as me, only 5 years older. This is her last transfer and I am so sad. We have plans already for when I get home. Speaking of which, only like 10 more transfers and I will be home, that doesn't sound too bad does it? There is a lady who the mission pays to cook our food, it is wonderful, except she lives up a HUGE hill, so in order to eat, we have to hike this hill. I figure the stairs at the Provo MTC were preparing me for this.

I am happy and doing well! We go to weddings and baptisms all of the time. We baptize the most families out of any mission. I love this work and this gospel! I had a really neat experience, I was given a Spanish Book of Mormon for my Birthday from a dear friend. The Book of Mormon I got in the MTC I was able to give to a man, he had tears streaming down his face with gratitude, he had been saving and saving his money to be able to afford a Book of Mormon. We are so ungrateful for the things that are just given to us. Everyone is so grateful for all of the little things we give to them. I have to be careful not to spend all of my money giving to other, it just makes me feel so happy! We do end up paying for a lot of the weddings, in order to be able to have baptisms.

Enjoy some pictures of my experience thus far!

Hermana Decousey (My Guatamala MTC companion)

The boys love me and can't get enough... ;)


Another view of laundry

P day sunrise hike

Before Sunrise

Hermana Wilford, my trainer

The first place we stayed was tiny!

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  1. Hello out there Hermana Evans, it is not hard to see why the guys are falling all over you, you are a beauty inside and out...alot like you mother...I know she is so proud of you. Even now I can see the growth that comes with serving a is a rare blessing to live around others who are a little more humble then 3 years in Germany helped me to appreciate my blessings as well especially when we take our freedoms for granted...happy to report the "WALL" is down and a Temple is there ...which was not the case when I was there. As for the people there you have the "Goodnews" they have been searching for will last only a short time ...the gospel teachings..."Priceless" take care know we are thinking of you ...stay Andrea