Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting Things Ready

Check, Check, and check..
I guess after having my call over a month I better get started on the things that I need to get done like my visa, temple prep, buying clothes and shoes and fun things like that.
I had to drive to Logan a couple of weeks ago and on the way up to Logan I realized that the place was closed because it was Friday. I had a nice drive and visited First Damn. I love going there and watching the ducks they are so funny and fun to watch. When I was little we use to go there all the time and steal the ducks eggs (I was just a brat and duck killer when I was little) but maybe that is why the geese would chase me and bite my butt because I would take there eggs. Anyways it was a nice drive and time to just reflect and chill. I had to make another trip up there tho to really get my birth certificate and that trip was a success after paying $18 dollars for my own birth certificate then another $15 to get a piece of paper attached to it with a stamp on it saying it's legit that part was ready to send in for my visa. I had to also get a police letter saying I have no record of any sort which I'm happy to say I don't but also geeze I should of gone out a lived a little when I was younger but I had to pay another $15 dollars to get the same piece of paper and stamp. And a crap load of pictures that cost a arm and a leg to get like $30 dollars so those who are keeping track for my wonderful visa with all my papers and my pictures cost me $78 dollars. I took a trip to St. George after sending that off because I thought I deserved it for not putting it aff that much. Anyways my mom got a phone call while I was gone saying Nicaragua won't except my police letter because it's to early and that I don't need a visa because I'm just going to be a tourist? This would of been nice to know maybe a few weeks ago after I did all this. Oh well thats checked off.
I had my first lesson in temple prep last Sunday and it wasn't to bad. I get to have to rapid fire approach to it because I had put that off to much. I made my temple date and November 6th at 2:00 I will be going through the Draper temple :D oh wow is this kinda alot of pressure. I'm really excited and it's going to be a good thing. Mindy is coming down to be with us for that weekend and I'm excited to see her and have her here with me.
I have my bags from Jonathan for christmas so I don't have to worry about that. He also for my birthday go my so very nice shoes for my mission. Mindy got me my passport over a year ago so I don't have to worry about that. I think I have the clothes part taken care of since I have two closets and two dressers but still clothes all over the place because they don't fit anywhere. I'm just ready to go I feel like my world has crashed and burned and I'm ready to just run away and be gone.
My farewell is going to November 28th so right after thanksgiving which I'm happy I still get to be here for that because food is delicious but then I'm off.

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  1. Don't worry about your room, I will help take care of that! You are doing great and will be a wonderful missionary! I love you! I blogged about your mission on my blog.